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King Woolf is the President and founder of Revenue Recovery Group.  Since 1989 Revenue Recovery Group has provided tax discovery and audit services on behalf of state and / or local governments including Colorado, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Delaware, Texas, Missouri, and Oregon.


King has spent the past 30+ years reducing duplicative audit cost and burden in the State and Local Tax sector, concentrating in the sales and use, franchise, construction, lodging, and business activity taxes for state and local governments.  King has appeared as an invited expert before members of the National Conference of State Legislatures on best practices for independent audit firms.  Additionally King has been invited to speak at various government and industry associations including COST and FTA on many State and Local Tax issues.


King is President and founder of Discovery Audit Services, providing unclaimed property discovery and audit services currently to thirty states. 


King co-founded Trustfile. Trustfile reduces cost and burden on business and government by delivering a single electronic filing and payment platform for Sales and Use Tax for all fifty states.  Trustfile was sold to Avalara in 2008.


After graduating from LSU with a degree in Business Administration, and later from Vanderbilt University with a Masters of Business Administration, King was Vice President of Real Estate and Leasing for The Lamar Corporation, responsible for oversight of real estate leasing and acquisition activities for the outdoor advertising division nationwide.  As Vice President of TLC Properties he managed all corporate owned real estate nationwide.  And as Vice President of Corporate Development in he founded Interstate Logos.  Interstate Logos delivers and maintains interstate logo and Tourist Oriented Directional signing at interstate exit ramps in 25 states plus Ontario.

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