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RRG is a Louisiana based company, with headquarters in Baton Rouge.  RRG currently represents 37 local taxing jurisdictions in Louisiana as well as 42 Colorado counties/municipals.


Our staff consists of 25 audit specialists located throughout the United States.  Our audit specialists average in excess of 19 years of sales and use tax audit experience in addition to private industry experience. In addition to audit expertise, our staff has extensive experience at the state revenue department level in revenue management, training of auditors, seminars to taxpayers and taxpayer practitioners, and litigation preparation. Our staff includes CPAs, PhDs in accounting, Master’s in accounting, MBA, and degreed accountants. Efficient access to out of state taxpayers is facilitated by having staff strategically located in other states.


We are focused on generating high quality audits at a reasonable cost, all while educating taxpayers in a fair, impartial, and uniform manner. Since 1989, over 45,000 audits have been completed.

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