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Revenue Recovery Group, Inc. has an opening in Baton Rouge, LA.


  • Perform multi-state unclaimed property audits following audit operational procedures.

  • Determine compliance with applicable state, district, and territory unclaimed property statutes. 

  • Coordinate and conduct a portfolio of state authorized compliance audits in accordance with established performance metrics. 

  • Perform research on public and private companies’ corporate history and structure, merger and acquisition activity, and historical financial performance.

  • Apply qualitative and quantitative audit procedures on books and records to determine compliance with states’ unclaimed property statutes.

  • Develop customized records requests and review organizational accounting policies, standards, procedures, and accounting records. 

  • Conduct audit testing of specified area and identify reportable issues and dimension of noncompliance risk. 

  • Identify improvement areas during the audit process and provide recommendations that lead to process improvements.

  • Develop and maintain progress schedules for open audits.

  • Communicate findings and updates to management and draft comprehensive report of audit area on a timely basis.

  • Complete assigned ad hoc projects timely, accurately, and professionally to support management decision making.


  • Requires Master's in Accounting, Finance or related 

  • 2 years of experience. 2 years must include experience in unclaimed property auditing.

JOB TYPE: Full Time, Telecommuting Permitted

Please send resume to Revenue Recovery Group, Inc. at 11637 Lake Sherwood Avenue North Baton Rouge, LA 70816.


RRG employees enjoy a relaxed, family corporate culture. RRG's salary and incentive plan offers the opportunity to benefit financially from individual and team excellence and offers health, dental, cafeteria plans, personal days, paid holidays, and 401K benefits. 

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